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Widgets overview

Widgets are the building blocks of a dashboard:

A screenshot showing the default dashboard

If you have permission to edit a dashboard, you can add, remove, and reorder the widgets using the Customize button.

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Billing Profiles

This widget lists all of your company's billing profiles, including some basic information such as your billing profile's ID, currency and payment method. You can use this widget to update your billing profile by clicking the edit icon.

A screenshot showing the _Billing Profiles_ widget

Cloud Commitment

Analyze your Google Cloud or AWS attainment to your contractual commitments, including forecasts of your future expenses towards the commitment. Using this widget, you can track your actual spending, the remainder of the contract, and managing the rollover for the following period. Also, if you fall short of your commitment for a specific period, you can identify the shortfall.

The chip on the top right-hand corner of the widget displays the forecast of estimated spending for the current period.

The dark blue section of the bar displays the actual spend, and you will be able to see an even darker shade of blue if/when you have a rollover to the next period.

The light blue section of the bar displays the remaining commitment. The pink section of the bar displays the shortfall, i.e., your actual consumption is less than the commitment.

A screenshot showing the _Cloud Commitment_ widget


Subject to the available credits your company has for Google Cloud, AWS and Azure, you're able to get a glance at the remaining/used credits, sum, and expiration dates.

Service and SLA credits are also displayed when applicable.

A screenshot showing the _Credits_ widget

Essential Contacts

There are several people involved in making sure your cloud assets are managed to the best possible extent and you're enjoying the best service. Usually, it's the group of your DoiT International and Google/Amazon/Microsoft account managers, depending on which cloud platforms your company uses.

Using this widget you can see who is your account manager at DoiT International as well as at Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. You can use this information to send an email to your Account Manager by clicking on their email address. When using a mobile device, click on the phone number and to dial.

Please note that when you open a new service request, your account manager will be copied to the correspondence. Depending on the chosen cloud platform of the service request, Google, Amazon and Microsoft account managers will be included as well.

Latest Invoices

By clicking on the invoice number, you can quickly access the specific invoice.

A screenshot showing the _Latest Invoices_ widget

Licensing Activity

Increase and decrease of licenses in the represented subscription (i.e., Google Workspace Basic) for the last 12 months. In addition, you can filter the license activity by subscription by clicking the filter button and selecting the subscription you'd like to inspect.

A screenshot showing the _Licensing Activity_ widget

Monthly Cloud Cost History

Review your AWS consumption over the last 12 months. The bars represent AWS services consumption per month and the different gradients show the amount that each product consumed. Please note that the chart contains only the top 10 AWS services consumed by your accounts.

On the top right-hand corner is the machine learning prediction for the current month.

A screenshot showing the _Monthly Cloud Cost History_ widget for AWS

Review your Google Cloud consumption over the last 12 months. The bars represent Google Cloud services consumption per month.

On the top right-hand corner is the machine learning prediction for the current month.

A screenshot showing the _Monthly Cloud Cost History_ widget for Google Cloud

Overdue Payments

View the overdue payments and see the total amount due in the top right-hand corner.

A screenshot showing the _Overdue Payments_ widget

Ramp plans

Select one ramp plan and see a graph to check your contract commitment compared to your actual spend. You can change the ramp plan shown in the widget by selecting Select ramp plan.

A screenshot showing the _Ramp plan_ widget

Support Requests

The activity of your company's customer service requests over the last 36 months. Each bar represents how many support requests your company has made with DoiT International per month.

A screenshot showing the _Support Requests_ widget