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DoiT Cloud Navigator: All tiers

Widgets are used to display and visualize information in the DoiT Platform.

Before you begin

You can add or customize widgets on the Account dashboard, custom dashboards created by you, and public dashboards that allow editing.

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Add widgets

Dashboards in the DoiT console are built with widgets defined in the widget library.

To add a widget to a dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard page of interest.

  2. Select Add widget from the dashboard navigation bar.

    Dashboard navigation bar

  3. Search or scroll down the widget library list to find your target widget.

  4. Select the plus icon () to add the widget.

    Dashboard navigation bar

    You may need to refresh the dashboard page to view the newly added widget.

Customize widgets

To customize widgets of a dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard page of interest.

  2. Select Customize from the dashboard navigation bar.

    There are three options for each widget:

    • Rearrange: Select the six dots menu icon to drag and drop the widget to a new position.

    • Remove: Select the bin icon to remove a widget from thedashboard.

    • Resize: Select the expand icon to change the width of the widget.

    Dashboard navigation bar

  3. Select Done from the dashboard navigation bar to save your changes.


For the Account dashboard, you can select Reset and then Confirm to restore its default configuration.

Widget library

The widget library contains system widgets and custom widgets shared in your organization. There are three categories: widgets, reports, and assets.


Below are a few popular widgets. For the full list, check out in the DoiT console.

  • Essential Contacts: Contacts for your organization, including your account managers at DoiT International and your cloud service provider(Amazon, Google, and/or Microsoft)


    When you open a new service request, your essential contacts are automatically added as recipients.

  • Billing Profiles: All the billing profiles of your organization, including billing profile's ID, currency and payment method. You can select the edit icon to update your billing profile.

    The Billing Profiles widget

  • Active Cloud Incidents: Active cloud incidents related to your regions and services. You can select the title of an incident to view its details.

    The Active Cloud Incidents widget

  • Support Requests: The number of support requests opened with DoiT in each month over the last 36 months. The widget also shows the overall satisfaction rating.

    The Support Requests widget

  • Credits: Credit utilization for Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure, including the sum, remaining credits, and expiration dates. Service and SLA credits are also displayed when applicable.

    The Support Requests widget

  • Latest Invoices: The most recently issued 12 invoices.

  • License History: Usage of licenses in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 subscriptions over the last 12 months. You can filter the license activity by subscription.

  • Renewals: Track your Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 subscription renewals.

  • Ramp plans: Track your progress towards your committed spend. Select the three dots menu () to open the current ramp plan or choose a different ramp plan to view.

    The Ramp plan widget


This category includes:


This category includes: