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Dashboards overview

DoiT Cloud Navigator: All tiers


Dashboards in the DoiT console are an essential tool for effective FinOps practices. They serve as a central hub to help you manage and optimize cloud infrastructure expenses.

There are two types of dashboards: pre-built dashboards, and custom dashboards.

Pre-built dashboards

DoiT console comes with several pre-built dashboards:

Account dashboard

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The Account dashboard consists of three sections:

  • Quick links: Shortcuts to frequently performed actions, for example, to create a report, set up a ramp plan, or open a support request.

  • Discover: Resources and DoiT offerings relevant to your organization and your role, for example, to sign up to live and on-demand sessions, or to explore DoiT cloud training services.

  • Dashboard widgets: By default, the Account dashboard hosts the following widgets: Essential Contacts for your organization, Billing Profiles of your organization, Active cloud incidents related to your regions and services, and Support Requests created over the last 36 months.

    Dashboard overview

Custom dashboards

In addition to the pre-built dashboards, you can also create your own custom dashboards and share them in your organization.

See custom dashboards for more information.

Access control

Pre-built dashboards and public dashboards are, by default, accessible to your whole company.

To enforce granular access controls, you need a role with the Users Manager permission to set up the Organizations feature in the DoiT console, which allows you to:

  • Specify which dashboards are visible to members of a specific Organization.

  • Specify whether members of a specific Organization can create custom dashboards.

  • Specify whether members of a specific Organization can access the Account dashboard.