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Partner with DoiT for cloud procurement, expertise or tooling in any combination, to drive value where you need it most.

DoiT Cloud AdvantageA better way to buy cloud
Buy your public cloud through DoiT and get access to volume pricing, automated cost savings, billing support, and more.

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DoiT Cloud NavigatorTechnology to optimize your cloud
With DoiT's intelligent technology, you can manage, analyze and optimize your public cloud costs.

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DoiT Cloud SolveExpertise to consult and enable
Access DoiT's global team of experts with decades of experience in cloud architecture, Kubernetes, machine learning, and more.

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Key features

Ensure your cloud spend is generating value for your business, and eliminate wasted time for your teams.

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Pulse dashboard

A comprehensive overview of your cloud expenditure across cloud providers.

Attribution groups

Track, map, and allocate costs across teams, environments and applications.

Kubernetes cost analysis

Unravel your spend on Google Kubernetes Engine and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.


Get actionable recommendations and relevant information to make informed decisions.


Ingest data from various sources, bring clarity and control to your spend management.

Ava, our AI assistant

Be more productive and learn efficiently with our cloud expert virtual assistant.

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From cost optimization to cloud migration, machine learning and CloudOps, we're here to make the public cloud easy.