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Create a support request


We recommend creating support requests via the DoiT Console.

Via the DoiT Console

To create a request via the DoiT Console:

  1. Log in to the DoiT Console, select Services from the top navigation bar, and then select Consulting and support.

  2. Select New request in the upper-right corner of the page.

  3. Select the Cloud Platform and Product of the issue you're facing.

    Create a new support request

    During this step, you'll see a list of current cloud incidents related to your selected cloud platform if any.

    If one of the current incidents appears to be related to your request, you may still open a ticket with us. However, likely, we are already working with the cloud vendor to address the issue.

  4. Select the Severity of your request:

    • General Guidance: You have general questions about a product.

    • System Impaired: An issue is impairing your systems.

    • Production System Impaired: An issue is impairing your production systems.

    • Production System Down: An issue is causing downtime to your production systems.

  5. Provide details of the issue.

    • Video Call: Let's us know if you are intersted in a brief discovery video call to discuss your request. Once the request is assigned, you'll receive a link to schedule the call.

    • Subject: A short description of the issue.

    • Additional CCs: To copy in additional recipients on the current request. The DoiT Console may automatically add your cloud vendor representative (e.g., account manager or customer engineer) to the list. Feel free to remove their email addresses if you do not wish to copy them in on your request.


      To copy in additional recipients on all new support requests, use the Default Emails List.

    • Description: More information about the issue. You can also attach screenshots and logs.

      Requests with sufficient details are generally resolved faster in comparison to those with scant information as extra communication between you and your support specialist will delay ticket resolution.

  6. Submit your request.

Via Slack

If you have installed the DoiT app for Slack, you can run the built-in slash command /doit to open a support ticket in case you experience issues when signing in to the DoiT Console.

Via email

(Not recommended) You can also email us to open a support ticket.