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Partner with DoiT for cloud procurement, expertise or tooling in any combination, to drive value where you need it most.

We invoice customers based on the billing currency specified in their billing profile.

DoiT Cloud Navigator

With DoiT's intelligent technology, you can manage, analyze, and optimize your public cloud costs.

Standard TierEnhanced TierPremium Tier
200 USD1500 USD3000 USD
200 EUR1500 EUR3000 EUR
200 GBP1500 GBP3000 GBP
275 CAD2100 CAD4100 CAD
300 AUD2500 AUD4700 AUD
1500 DKK10500 DKK21000 DKK
2100 NOK16000 NOK32000 NOK
2100 SEK16000 SEK32000 SEK

DoiT Cloud Solve

Access DoiT's global team of experts with decades of experience in cloud architecture, Kubernetes, machine learning, and more.

Standard TierEnhanced TierPremium Tier
200 USD1000 USD5000 USD
200 EUR1000 EUR5000 EUR
200 GBP1000 GBP5000 GBP
275 CAD1500 CAD7000 CAD
300 AUD1600 AUD8000 AUD
1500 DKK7000 DKK35000 DKK
2100 NOK11000 NOK53000 NOK
2100 SEK11000 SEK53000 SEK