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Credits and discounts on invoices

Depending on your contracts with DoiT and your cloud providers, you may see different items on your invoices, for example, credits, discounts, support charges, and adjustments.

Required Permission
  • Invoice Viewer

Credits and discounts

Credits are applied on the undiscounted consumption.

If there are both credits and discounts on your consumption, DoiT applies the following models when calculating the total amount of your monthly invoice before taxes (Amount W/O Tax).

Google Cloud adjustments

For Google Cloud, we calculate the total amount as below:

Total = (Consumption Discounts Credits) + Adjustment(Credits × Discount)


  • Consumption: Your total usage of the products/services on the invoice.

  • Discounts: Applicable DoiT discounts or custom pricing.

  • Credits: Applicable DoiT credits and credits from your cloud providers.

You'll see an extra line item of Adjustment for Discount on your invoice.

Suppose your Google Cloud consumption cost in January 2022 is US$ 100, you have a 10% discount and a credit of US$ 15. The total amount on your Google Cloud invoice will be:

Total = (100 (100 × 10%) 15) + (15 × 10%) = US$76.5

AWS EDP discounts

The AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) is applied after credits. For AWS, we calculate the total amount as below:

Total = (Consumption Credits) × Discount_rate

Suppose your AWS consumption cost is US$ 100, you have a credit of US$ 15 and a 10% EDP discount (discount rate 90%). The total amount on your AWS invoice will be:

Total = (100 15) × 90% = US$76.5

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Be aware that the formula above is mainly for informative purposes. DoiT takes a more granular approach to reflecting discounts and credits in real-world situations, for example, when:

  • The discount changes during the month.

  • You're using services that are not eligible for discounts (preemptible instances, spot instances, Marketplace services, etc.).

  • The credit applies only to specific SKUs which may or may not be eligible for discounts.

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View account credits

Credits widget

To track your account credits, you can add a credits widget to your dashboard.

Promotional credits in reports

When viewing your credits in Cloud Analytics reports, be aware that, DoiT promotional credits for Google Cloud customers and AWS customers on DoiT consolidated billing accounts are not included by default. This may cause discrepancy between your monthy invoices and reports.

For example, the monthly invoice below contains two line items related to DoiT promotional credits: Migration Credit and its Adjustment for Discount.

Invoice with promotional credits

To have the same figures in your report, you need to select the checkbox Include promotional credits.

Cloud Analytics report with promotional credits