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Setting budgets and forecasting IT spend is a well-established FinOps practice, it enables you to track your actual cloud spend against your planned spend and ensures that you won't get surprised by your cloud bill.

In the DoiT Console, you can set budgets using Attributions that map to your organizational and financial reporting structure.

Required Permissions
  • Attributions Manager, Budgets Manager, Cloud Analytics

Access budgets

To access Budgets, select Governance from the top navigation bar, and then select Budgets.

The Budgets screen


You can filter budgets by their properties.

View budgets

To view the configuration of a specific budget, select the budget name on the main budgets screen to open the budget page.

You'll also find the Spend progress and budget preview when viewing a budget.

Permissions on budgets

A budget is visible only to those with whom the owner has shared it. See Share budgets: Summary for quick reference.

Edit permissions

Users with the Admin role can bulk edit permissions of budgets.

  1. Select the checkboxes of the target budgets.

  2. Select Edit permissions.

You can change the permission of individual users or your whole team to Viewer, Editor, or remove their access. You can also transfer the ownership of a budget to an individual user.

Data latency

DoiT Platform processes the cost and usage data after receiving it from the cloud service providers. See also AWS cost data latency in DoiT Console and Google Cloud's frequency of data loads.