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The Alerts feature combines metrics (including custom metrics) and attributions to offer a versatile solution that allows you to track various dimensions in your cloud environments.

Required Permission
  • Cloud Analytics

Access alerts

To access alerts, log in to the DoiT Console, select Governance from the top navigation bar, and then select Alerts.

The Alerts screen


You can filter alerts by alert name or by owner.

View alerts

To view an alert, select the name of the alert on the Alerts screen.

You'll see the same options as when creating an alert from scratch, including alert name, scope, conditions and notification recipients.

Permissions on alerts

An alert is visible only to those with whom the owner has shared it. See Share alerts: Summary for quick reference.

Edit permissions

Users with the Admin role can bulk edit permissions on alerts that have been shared with them.

  1. Select the checkboxes of the target alerts.

  2. Select Edit permissions.

You can change the permission of individual users or your whole team to Viewer, Editor, or remove their access. You can also transfer the ownership of an alert to an individual user.