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Connect cloud account

To utilize DoiT's FinOps capabilities for cloud optimization and management, you need to connect the relevant cloud account to allow cloud billing data import.

Public cloudPurchased from DoiTPurchased from others
Amazon Web Services
  1. Create a billing profile
  2. AWS onboarding
Connect AWS account
Google Cloud
  1. Create a billing profile
  2. Create a Google Cloud Billing account
  3. Transfer your GCP projects
  4. Connect your Google Cloud Organization
Connect Google Cloud account
Microsoft AzureN/AConnect Azure account

If you're on the DoiT Cloud Solve Enhanced tier or above, you must connect all the AWS Organizations and GCP Billing accounts for which you purchase the Solve service, following the same process as DoiT Cloud Navigator-only customers.

If you've been using Presention mode, once your cloud account is successfully connected, the Presentation mode is automatically turned off, and the free trial starts.