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Create reports

DoiT Cloud Navigator: All tiers

You can create a new report either from scratch, or based on an existing one.

Required permission

  • Cloud Analytics

Create a report from scratch

To create a new report from scratch:

  1. Log in to the DoiT console, select Analytics from the top navigation bar, and then select Reports.

  2. Select Create new report.

  3. Choose a proper data source and use the options on the left pane to build your report.

    The Group by options define fields along the Y-axis (vertical) of the chart, while the Dimensions define fields along the X-axis (horizontal). See Edit report settings for details.

    A screenshot showing an empty Cloud Analytics report

  4. Run the report to see whether it's configured properly.

  5. Save your new report.

Build on an existing report

You can build a custom report based on an existing one, for example, a preset report, a managed report, or a custom report created by others.

If you are on the main Reports page:

  1. Locate the report of interest.

  2. Select the three dots menu () at the rightmost end of the report entry.

  3. Select Duplicate.

You can also customize a report while reviewing it and save the customized version as a new report.