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Create reports

You can create a new report either from scratch, or based on an existing one.


Required Permissions: Cloud Analytics

Create a report from scratch

To create a new report from scratch:

  1. Log in to the DoiT Console, select Analytics from the top navigation bar, and then select Reports.

  2. Select the Explore button in the upper-right corner of the Reports page, or select New Report from the dropdown list.

    A screenshot showing the Explore and New report dropdown

    The difference between the two options is:

    • Explore: Changes made to reports are not saved unless you give the report a name.
    • New report: Changes made to reports care automatically saved, regardless of whether you give it a name.
  3. Choose fields to build your cloud spend report.

    See Dimensions, Group by, and Filters for details about the options.

  4. Select the Run button to generate the report.

Build on an existing report

You can build a custom report based on an existing one, either a preset report or a custom report created by others.

To begin with, you need to make a copy of the existing report.

Duplicate from the main screen

If you are on the main Reports screen:

  1. Locate the report of interest.

  2. Select the three vertical dots menu () at the rightmost end of the report entry.

  3. Select Duplicate.

    A screenshot of the Duplicate option

Clone/customize from the report page

While viewing a report, you can make a copy of it by selecting the copy file icon from the right-hand menu.

A screenshot of the Duplicate option

  • The Clone function is available for custom reports, whether you created it or a colleague did.
  • The Customize function is available for preset reports.

Edit the copy

Once you chose to Duplicate, Clone, or Customize a report, the copy will appear as a new report with a name beginning with Copy of followed by the name of the original report.

You can then edit the report's name and make adjustments. Read more at Report settings.