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Attributions allow you to group cloud resources based on your business aspects, for example, by teams, environments, or product lines.

You can use attributions for various purposes:

Required Permissions
  • Cloud Analytics, Attributions Manager

Access attributions

To access Attributions, select Analytics from the top navigation bar, and then select Attributions.

The Attributions screen.


You can filter attributions by their properties.

There are two types of attributions: Preset attributions, and Custom attributions.

You can create your own attributions based on an existing one, or completely from scratch.

View attributions

To view the configurations of an attribution, select the attribution name on the main Attributions screen to open the specific attribution page.

You'll find the properties and logic of the attribution, and a preview chart if there is meaningful result. You can also:

  • Clone the attribution to build your own custom one.

  • Switch between the Stacked Column view and the Table view.

  • Download the Stacked Column view as a PNG image or a PDF document using the the hamburger menu (three bars icon) in the upper-right corner of the chart.

Permissions on custom attributions

A custom attribution is visible only to those with whom the owner has shared it. See Share attributions: Summary for quick reference.

Edit permissions

Users with the Admin role can bulk edit permissions on custom attributions that have been shared with them.

  1. Select the checkboxes of the target custom attributions.

  2. Select Edit permissions.

You can change the permission of individual users or your whole team to Viewer, Editor, or remove their access. You can also transfer the ownership of an attribution to an individual user.

Interactive demo

Try out our interactive demo for a hands-on walk-through experience.

If the demo doesn't display properly, try expanding your browser window or opening the demo in a new tab.