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Attribution groups


Attribution groups is a metric allocation feature that allows you to segment data collected for a particular metric among resource groups (defined by attributions). For example, to divide up cost and usage data among different teams or environments.

Required Permissions
  • Cloud Analytics, Attributions Manager


The diagram below shows the main concepts of attribution groups:

The Attributions group concept diagram

  • An attribution group starts with the pre-defined Unallocated.

  • User-selected attributions split the Unallocated to form segments.

  • Data shared by more than one user-selected attribution goes to the segment of the one that appears earlier in the group (see Configure an attribution group).

  • A segment can be split and distributed among others (see Split costs).

In the diagram above, the metric is distributed among Attribution 1, Attribution 2, Attribution 3, and Unallocated; data shared by Attribution 1 and Attribution 2 goes to the segment of Attribution 1.

Access attribution groups

To access attribution groups, log in to the DoiT Console, select Analytics from the top navigation bar, and then select Attribution groups.

The main Attribution groups page

There are two types of attribution groups: Preset attribution groups (including managed attribution groups), and Custom attribution groups.

You can create attribution groups based on existing ones, or completely from scratch.

View attribution groups

To view the details of an attribution group, select the attribution group name on the main Attribution groups page.

You'll find the configuration of the attribution group and a preview chart if there is meaningful result. You can also Build on an existing attribution group when viewing it.

Permissions on custom attribution groups

A custom attribution group is visible only to those with whom the owner has shared it. See Share attribution groups: Summary for quick reference.

Edit permissions

Users with the Admin role can bulk edit permissions on custom attribution groups that have been shared with them.

  1. Select the checkboxes of the target custom attribution groups.

  2. Select Edit permissions.

You can change the permission of individual users or your whole team to Viewer, Editor, or remove their access. You can also transfer the ownership of an attribution group to an individual user.