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Investigate anomalies


Required Permissions: Attributions Manager, Anomalies Viewer, Cloud Analytics

View an anomaly

To view the details of a specific anomaly:

  1. On the main Cost anomalies screen, locate the anomaly entry of interest.

  2. Select the View button at the rightmost end of the anomaly entry to open the detailed anomaly page.

    The cost anomaly chart is a snapshot of the moment when the anomaly is reported. The Cost of Anomaly is the difference between the actual cost and the maximum cost in the normal range calculated at that moment. It stays the same even if there is more data coming in later.

    The cost anomalies page.

From the detailed anomaly page, you can investigate further to see whether it's really an anomaly in the context of your business.

Investigate an anomaly

To investigate an anomaly, select the Investigate button in the upper-right corner of the screen to open a cloud analytics report, which groups costs by SKUs and uses anomaly properties (billing account, scope, service, attribution) as filters.

Investigative report of a cost anomaly.


Cloud analytics reports always use the latest usage and cost data available, which means you're likely to see discrepancies between the data in a cost anomaly chart and in an analytics report if you open the report days later.