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The DoiT console is a web application for you to interact with DoiT's product and services. This section explains how customers and partners sign in to the DoiT console.

Customer sign-in

The DoiT console supports multiple identity management mechanisms. Depending on your organization's implementation, you can sign in to the DoiT console using Google Workspace account, Microsoft Office 365 account, email and password, or via Single Sign-On (SSO) with other IdPs.

  • Sign in with Google: Use your Google Workspace account to sign in.

    Administrator permission isn't required to sign in to the DoiT console for the first time on behalf of your organization, unless Google Workspace has been explicitly configured that way by an administrator.

  • Sign in with Microsoft: Use your Microsoft Office 365 account to sign in.

    To set up end user access, a Microsoft Office 365 administrator must grant the DoiT Platform permission to read user information of your organization.

  • Sign in with magic link: Enter your email and we'll send you a unique link to sign in. This link is only valid for a limited time and you can only use it once.

  • Sign in with SSO: If your organization has implemented Single Sign-On (SSO), you'll need to sign in using your email address.

  • Sign in with email and password: If you already have a DoiT account, enter your email address and password to sign in.

The sign-in screen

Partner sign-in

If you work at Amazon or Google, you can sign in as a partner representative. See Partner Access for more information.


The DoiT console uses Firebase Authentication with Identity Platform as its authentication solution. If you experience issues when signing in to the DoiT console, check the DoiT System Status or Firebase Status Dashboard to see whether there is any incident.

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