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Share feedback

Your feedback is one of the important pieces of input we consider when planning our roadmap, and gives us clear indications of where the needs are in the market.

You can share product feedback and feature requests with us via either of the following ways:

  • Sharing new ideas or upvoting existing ideas at DoiT Feedback Hub

  • Sharing new ideas directly from the DoiT Console


Check out DoiT Feedback Hub to view the ideas that have already been shared.

Share ideas within the DoiT Console

To share your ideas from the DoiT Console:

  1. Select the question mark icon (?) in the upper-right section on the top navigation bar, and then select Suggest an idea.

    Suggest an idea from the DoiT Console.

  2. Choose the functional area that your idea relates to and complete the remaining fields, provide screenshots or images to give more context as needed.

  3. Select Add idea.

Upvote existing ideas in the Feedback Hub

All the submitted ideas are visible at DoiT Feedback Hub. You can check the ideas and vote on them.

Let's go over how to navigate the Feedback Hub and upvote ideas.

Search existing ideas

From the home page, select the category and sub-categories that you're interested in.

Feedback Hub showing a list of categories.

You can also use the search box to locate an idea, or use the following options:

  • Sort by: Recent, Trending, Popular

  • Filter by Status: Already exists, Will not implement, Planned, Investigating, Shipped

Upvote an idea


You need to sign up to submit your vote, subscribe to an idea, or comment on an idea.

To upvote an idea, select the Vote button next to it.

You will be notified if the status of the idea changes.

An idea on the Feedback Hub with Vote and Subscribe.

When viewing an idea, you can also subscribe to it to receive notifications about its status changes.