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Transfer Google Cloud projects

Before you begin

To ensure a smooth transfer, go through the following sections first.

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Required permissions

To transfer a Google Cloud project, you need permissions to unlink the project from its current Cloud Billing account and to link it to the target Cloud Billing account, which is provided by DoiT International.

Marketplace subscriptions

Follow the steps below to check the marketplace subscriptions of your project:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud console, choose the Cloud Billing account to which your project is linked.

  2. In the Billing navigation menu, select Reports.

  3. In the Filters section, go to the Group by option, and then select Service.


    Refer to Google Cloud Docs for more information about the reports.


    If you see any of the services listed below, please reach out to your DoiT Account Manager. Switching billing account for projects using these services may result in data loss.

    • Confluent Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud
    • DataStax Astra for Apache Cassandra (Beta)
    • Elastic Cloud (managed Elasticsearch Service)
    • MongoDB Atlas
    • Neo4j AuraDB Professional
    • Neo4j GCP Integration Service (Prod)
    • NetApp, Inc. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service
    • Redis Labs Redis Enterprise Cloud
    • Trifacta Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta

Spend-based committed use discounts

Spend-based committed use discounts (CUD) are purchased on the Cloud Billing account level.

If you have purchased any spend-based commitments (e.g., commitments for Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, or Cloud Run), they will not be transferred to the DoiT billing account along with your projects.


Please contact DoiT support if you need assistance with spend-based commitments.

Supported transfer methods

The DoiT Platform supports multiple methods to transfer projects.

  • Manual transfer: If you have several dozens of GCP projects or less, the simplest way is to switch billing manually for each of the projects one by one.

  • Bulk Transfer using Wizard: For large amount of projects the manual transfer can be too tedious. To make this process much faster, DoiT provides a Project Transfer Wizard in the DoiT Console to help you bulk-transfer all of your existing Google Cloud projects to the billing account assigned to you by DoiT.

  • Terraform: If your projects are managed via Terraform, you should set/replace the billing_account value in your script with your DoiT Billing Account ID. Note that the user or service account performing this operation with Terraform must have at minimum Billing Account User privileges.