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Set up billing profiles


Required Permissions: Billing Profile Admin

New billing profile

To set up a new billing profile:

  1. Log in to the DoiT Console, select Dashboards from the top navigation bar, and then select Account.

  2. Select the three dots menu () in the upper-right corner, and then select New billing profile.

    Three dots menu on the main dashboard.

  3. Provide the necessary information on the New Billing Profile page.

    There are four sections:

    • Billing address: The billing address of your organization.

    • Company details: Your company name and registration number. The company name is also used to identify the billing profile on the dashboard.

    • Contact details: Accounts Payable details.

      After you create a new billing profile, we will send a confirmation email to Accounts Payable. Then, at the beginning of every month, we will send an invoice to Accounts Payable for the previous month.

    • Payments: Payment method and currency

      • Wire transfer (IBAN/SWIFT)

      • Credit card (1.5% processing fee may apply)


      • ACH Debit: Available only if you're billed in USD and you have a US bank account

    While you can open any section by selecting it, the DoiT Platform attempts to validate each section as it closes, resulting in red exclamation mark (!) icons next to sections with missing or invalid information.

  4. After completing all four sections, select Submit (in the Payments section) to create the new billing profile.

    Your new billing profile should now be displayed on the main dashboard.