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Preset attribution groups

DoiT Cloud Navigator: All tiers

This page explains the preset attribution groups in the DoiT console.


When viewing an attribution group, select the Open attribution in new tab icon to check the definitions of its member attributions.

Amazon Web Services

  • AWS EC2: Allocates data in accordance with AWS EC2 operations, including:

    • Compute: excluding data transfer
    • Storage: Amazon EBS
    • Networking: InterZone, Load Balancing-PublicIP, Public IP, and VPC Peering
  • AWS EC2 Compute: Allocates data in accordance with AWS EC2 compute, including:

    • Flexsave Covered: on-demand workloads covered by Flexsave
    • On Demand: excluding discounted usage, Spot usage, and data transfer
    • Reservations: cost type is Fee, DiscountedUsage, or RIFee; excluding data transfer
    • Spot: Spot usage, excluding data transfer
  • AWS EC2 Storage: Allocates data in accordance with AWS EC2 storage options, including:

  • AWS EC2 Data Transfer: Allocates data in accordance with AWS EC2 data transfer options, including the Ins and Outs of InterZone, Load Balancing, Public IP, and VPC Peering.

Google Cloud

  • BigQuery: Allocates data in accordance with Google Cloud BigQuery pricing models, including:

    • Storage: Active, Long term, Physical
    • Analysis: Flat rate, On demand, Autoscale, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Plus Edition
    • BI Engine: Flat rate, On demand
    • BigQuery: Data Transfer Service, Streaming Insert
    • Storage API: Write, Read, Egress
    • Cross Cloud Transfer (Omni)
  • Google Cloud Storage: Allocates data in accordance with Google Cloud Storage pricing models, including:

    • Data storage: Standard, Nearline, Coldline, Archive, Tags
    • Data processing: Operations, Replication, Retrieval, Autoclass
    • Network: Download, CDN, GC-internal, Interconnect
  • Google Compute Engine: Allocates data in accordance with Google Cloud Compute Engine pricing models, including SKUs by DoiT if applicable.

Billing and invoicing

The following attribution groups can help you break down your invoices. See Understand your invoice with reports for their usage.

  • Invoice: This is a managed attribution group. Its member attributions correspond to invoices issued to asset types Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Looker. It differs from other preset attribution groups in that it uses customer-specific data and has a unique resource ID for each customer.

  • Invoice breakdown: Provides a breakdown of each invoice, dividing the costs into a few main cost categories, including:

    • Marketplace purchases: All your marketplace expenses.

    • Support: The support costs charged by your cloud providers.

    • Total on demand spend: The total spend outside of Marketplace and Support charges.

    • Total savings: The total amount of savings applied on the invoice.

  • Savings source: Provides a breakdown of savings on the invoice:

    • Credits: All the credits applied on the invoice.

    • Customer reservations: Savings generated by Committed Usage Discounts (Google Cloud), Reserved Instances (AWS), and Savings Plans (AWS).

    • Sustained Usage Discount: Savings generated by Sustained use discounts (Google Cloud).

    • Special discounts: AWS contractual discounts, including BundledDiscount, EdpDiscount, PrivateRateDiscount and SppDiscount.

    • Flexsave: Savings generated by Flexsave.