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Sunset Announcement

DoiT no longer offers Flexsave for Google Cloud. Please take a moment to review the Flexsave for Google Cloud Sunset FAQ that we have prepared to address the most common questions you might have.

DoiT Flexsave helps businesses manage and optimize cloud-compute discounts for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCP) without the commitment management or forecasting challenges.


Flexsave delivers the equivalent savings of applicable AWS 1-year discount rates or 1-year Google resource-based committed use discounts. There's no reservation management needed, no costs to enable, and guaranteed savings on all covered workloads.

  • No commitment AWS and GCP provide cloud-compute discounts (SPs, RIs, and CUDs) with mandatory commitment periods lasting one year or more. Flexsave provides the same cloud-compute discounts with no commitments.

  • No risk Flexsave automatically applies discount mechanisms to cover your eligible workload. We handle capacity planning and optimization.

  • Zero cost Flexsave costs nothing. There are no hidden fees, and you are guaranteed to save money.

  • Easy to use Flexsave runs on auto-pilot, continually applying the optimum cost-saving strategy to your account.

How it works

Flexsave is a Machine Learning (ML) powered solution that provides simplified, automated management of on-demand compute workloads for optimized cost and agility.

Flexsave enables you to automatically attach the ideal blend of discount mechanisms to your billing account. It continually re-adjusts the mix of discount mechanisms as your resource utilization changes to maximize your savings.

Activate Flexsave

Flexsave is available to both DoiT resold customers (when DoiT is your cloud reseller) and non-resold customers.


DoiT resold customers are automatically opted-in to Flexsave.

  • Flexsave is activated as soon as there are sufficient eligible workloads (Google Cloud customers can still subscribe via Google Cloud Marketplace).

  • Flexsave remains disabled for customers who have turned off Flexsave.


Non-resold customers can sign up for the Flexsave SaaS or subscribe via Google Cloud Marketplace.

To sign up for the service:

  1. Follow the instructions on the sign-up page to create an account.

    You can use a Google account, a Microsoft account, or an email address and password to sign up for the estimate.

  2. Select I agree to the terms of the policy agreement.

  3. Select Create Account.

    We sign you in immediately if you use Google or Microsoft. If you use an email address to sign up, you'll receive a verification email.

Once signed up, you can get an estimate of your potential savings without obligation to use or activate Flexsave.

Disable Flexsave

You can disable Flexsave at any time by opening a support ticket.

Flexsave dashboard

To access the Flexsave dashboard, select Savings from the top navigation bar, and then select Flexsave AWS or Flexsave GCP from the drop-down menu.

Among other information, you'll find the following on the top of the chart:

  • All-time effective savings rate: The effective discount applied to your on-demand spend since Flexsave is activated

  • Lifetime savings total to date: The accrued savings resulted from using Flexsave

Flexsave savings dashboard


See also

For platform-specific information, see Flexsave for AWS: FAQ and Flexsave for GCP: FAQ.

Why is using Flexsave better than purchasing discounts directly from AWS or GCP?

When purchasing directly from AWS or GCP, you must commit to at least one year of consistent usage to receive a discount.

Flexsave does not require any commitments, allowing you to adapt your workload and machine types to suit your changing needs without the hassle of capacity planning and the risk of under or over-provisioning.

Is Flexsave compatible with cloud security auditing?

Yes. However, you can't interact with any AWS or GCP account operated by DoiT International.

Except the commitments we have made available to you for credit or discount sharing, the accounts we attach to your organization contain no resources.

Are there hidden costs or risks if I use non-supported AWS/GCP features?

No. Flexsave is a discounting mechanism and only results in savings for your eligible on-demand workloads.

Can I use Flexsave if I have a special pricing plan on my AWS/GCP account?

Flexsave can still work with your account. Flexsave will provide savings in addition to the discounts from your special pricing plan.

Why don't I see savings on my Flexsave dashboard?

Flexsave is unavailable if either of the following is true:

  • You recently connected your AWS or GCP account, and we haven't finished importing and processing your billing data.

  • You haven't met the minimum seven days of qualifying on-demand spend needed for Flexsave to begin analyzing your resource utilization.

As soon as the conditions are no longer true, savings information will be populated to your Flexsave dashboard automatically.