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DoiT Flexsave enables simplified, automated management of on-demand Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads. It covers your on-demand workloads with Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs) from DoiT's own inventory, thus helps you improve the cost efficiency of AWS resources without having to manage the commitments by yourself.


Flexsave delivers the equivalent savings of applicable AWS 1-year discount rates.

  • No commitment AWS provides cloud-compute discounts (SPs, RIs) with mandatory commitment periods lasting one year or more. Flexsave provides the same cloud-compute discounts with no commitments.

  • No risk Flexsave automatically applies discount mechanisms to cover your eligible workloads that are not covered by your own RIs or SPs. We handle capacity planning and optimization.

  • Easy to use Flexsave runs on auto-pilot, continually applying the optimum cost-saving strategy to your account.

How it works

Flexsave is a Machine Learning (ML) powered solution that provides simplified, automated management of on-demand compute workloads for optimized cost and agility.

Flexsave enables you to automatically attach the ideal blend of discount mechanisms to your billing account. It continually re-adjusts the mix of discount mechanisms as your resource utilization changes to maximize your savings.