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Use attributions in reports

Attributions are particularly helpful in building reports to attribute cloud spend to the relevant entities, for example, teams, products, or environments, thus drive accountability and transparency across an organization.


Required Permissions: Cloud Analytics, Attributions Manager

Allocate costs to teams

The steps below demonstrate how to use attributions to allocate costs to different teams.

  1. Create two new attributions, one for each team:

    In this example, the two teams are distinguished by the services they use.

    • Example Team 1: Conditions: Service is BigQuery OR BigQuery Reservation API

    • Example team 2: Conditions: Service is Compute Engine (GCE) OR Cloud Storage (GCS)

  2. Go to the main Reports screen to create a new report.

  3. In the Group by section, select Add Grouping / Attribution, and then filter the attributions to select only Example Team 1 and Example Team 2.

  4. Run the report to see the costs incurred by the two teams.

    Cloud spend attributed to teams.

Overlap attributions costs

If a report contains overlapping attributions, you'll get the intersection set of the attributions involved.

For example, a report uses three preset attributions: All GCP Resources, GCP Eligible for CUD, and Flexsave GCP Eligible On Demand Spend. Because GCP Eligible for CUD is a subset of Flexsave GCP Eligible On Demand Spend, and they are both a subset of All GCP Resources, you'll see the following entries in the report:

  • All GCP Resources

  • All GCP Resources Flexsave GCP Eligible On Demand Spend

  • All GCP Resources GCP Eligible for CUD Flexsave GCP Eligible On Demand Spend

A report with overlapping attributions cost.