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Pay in advance

If you would like to pay in advance, please contact our support team to set up account credit and prepayment process.


Please communicate with us via our support system (e.g., when sending a PO) so that our whole team is available to assist you and keep track of the conversation. Our support team will route your requests to our finance team when necessary.

Prepayment process‚Äč

Different organizations may use different accounting methods. We tailor the prepayment process to suit your needs.

Here's an example of a typical prepayments process:

  1. You send a Purchase Order (PO) for the amount you want to prepay.

    After receiving your first PO, we may need to request changes for accounting purposes. We will discuss with you while setting you up.

  2. We send you an invoice for the PO.

  3. You pay the invoice using your preferred payment method, then contact us to confirm the payment.

  4. We confirm payment receipt and credit the funds to your account.