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Bacs Direct Debit

Bacs Direct Debit is commonly used for bank-to-bank transfers in the UK.

DoiT supports Bacs Direct Debit and works with Stripe, our payment service provider, to process Bacs Direct Debit payments.

Required Permission
  • Billing Profile Admin

Set up Bacs Direct Debit payment

If your billing currency is GBP, you can set up Bacs Direct Debit payment when creating a new billing profile or when editing it.

To set up Bacs for an existing billing profile:

  1. Log in to the DoiT Console, select Billing from the top navigation bar, and then select Billing profiles.

  2. Select the billing profile name, or select the three dots menu () at the rightmost end of the billing profile entry and then select Edit.

  3. Go to the Payment method section, select Credit Card or Bank account from the payment method drop-down.

  4. Select Add new payment method, select Bacs Direct Debit and provide the information for a mandate that gives us authorization to debit an account, including:

    • Email
    • Sort code
    • Bank account number
    • Full name (First and last name)
    • Country or region
    • Address

Pay with Bacs Direct Debit

We automatically initiate Bacs Direct Debits when your invoice is due.


Bacs Direct Debit is a delayed notification payment method. It takes 3 business days to confirm the success or failure of a payment when a mandate is already in place and 6 business days when a new mandate must be collected. During this period, the status of your invoice will remain processing.