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Share budgets

You can share budgets in the following ways:


Sharing your budget with others does not automatically make them the alerts email recipients. See Manage alert notifications.

Add access

You can share a budget only if you have the Owner or Editor access.

To share a budget, you need to give access to the intended recipients:

  1. Open the sharing configurations window:

    • If you are on the main Budgets screen, select the three dots menu () at the rightmost end of the budget entry, and then select Share.

    • If you are viewing your own budget, select the Share budget icon (three connected dots) to the right of the budget name.

      Share Budget icon

  2. Enter the email of the intended recipients, and give them Viewer or Editor access.


    You can only add email addresses in your organization's domain, a Microsoft Teams subdomain (, or a Slack subdomain ( Other domains are not supported.

  3. Select Add to apply the changes.

Change permissions

After you've given others access to your budget, you can change their permissions from the same configuration window, including:

  • Change the permission of your whole team to Viewer or Editor.

  • Change the permission of an individual user to Viewer or Editor, or select Remove to remove the access.

  • Transfer your ownership of the budget to another user by selecting Make owner.

Select the Save button to apply the changes.

  • A budget can have only one owner and the owner must be an individual user.

  • You can transfer your ownership only to a user who already has the Editor permission.

  • Once the ownership is transferred, the previous owner will become an Editor of the budget.