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Create metrics

You can create a new metric either from scratch or based on an existing one.


Required Permissions: Cloud Analytics, Metrics Manager

Custom metrics are defined with attributions. The attributions must already exist before you can create a custom metric out of them. Follow the instructions to Create attributions if necessary.

Create a metric

To create a new metric from scratch:

  1. Select Analytics from the top navigation bar, and then select Metrics.

  2. Select + New metric in the upper-right corner.

To make a copy of an existing metric:

  1. Select the metric name on the main Metrics screen to open the metric page.

  2. Select the Clone metric icon in the upper-right corner.

    A cloned metric

Configure the metric:

  1. Enter a name for the new metric. You can also use the file icon at the rightmost end of the text field to add a description to the metric.

  2. Define the metric components. Each component is an attribution measured against a base metric (Cost, Usage, or Savings).

  3. Formulate your metric.

    The components defined in the previous step are indicated as variables A, B, C etc. according to the order they are defined.

    You can use the following operators in a metric formula: +, -, *, /, (, and ). Custom metric formulas support standard order of operations.

  4. Select whether to use number or percentage.

Preview chart

A valid formula with meaningful results will show a preview chart of the metric.

You can switch between the Line Chart view and the Table view.

Preview chart of a custom metric

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