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DoiT Insights leverages cloud billing data to uncover optimization opportunities in your cloud environment. It generates actionable recommendations and provides relevant information to help you make informed decisions. It also tracks completed optimizations, fostering accountability within your organization.

Data freshness

DoiT Insights are refreshed daily. Recommendations are generated based on recent billing data, typically collected over seven or more consecutive days, with the last day being three days prior to the current day to mitigate potential data latency issues.


  • You do not need to grant extra permissions to the DoiT Platform. DoiT Insights uses data to which DoiT already has access.

  • To access Insights, your DoiT account needs to have the Insights Manager permission.

Access insights

To view all the insights, sign in to the DoiT Console, select Governance from the top navigation bar, and then select Insights.

The Insights page

Basic information of each insight is shown on its card, typically with the estimated cost saving amount and a short description of the action to take.

You can sort the insights by the estimated savings amount, filter them by cloud, or select a different savings period to view estimated savings for one day, month, or year.

View an insight

To learn more about a specific insight, select the corresponding card to open its detail page.

You'll find information on how the savings are estimated and other factors that may affect the actual savings.

Apply a recommendation

Before applying a recommendation, make sure to review all the provided information and assess its impacts on your infrastructure and business. In the current implementation, you cannot directly apply a recommendation from the DoiT Console.