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Rightsizing recommendations

DoiT provides machine type recommendations for Google Cloud Compute Engine to help you optimize your resource utilization.

Enable rightsizing recommendations

To enable the rightsizing recommendations feature:

  1. Connect Your Google Cloud Organization to the DoiT console.

  2. Update your service account to grant the required permissions.

    Google Cloud Recommendations widget

    • Rightsizing Insights: Allows the DoiT console to generate recommendations.
    • Rightsizing Resize: Allows you to apply recommendations in the DoiT console.

Add the Recommendations widget

The rightsizing recommendations are accessible in the Recommendations widget.

To add the widget to your dashboard:

  1. In the DoiT console, select Dashboards from the top navigation bar.

  2. Select the Add widget option to open the widgets panel.

    Dashboard navigation bar

  3. Find the Recommendations widget and add it. If there are optimization opportunities, the recommendations will be listed in the widget.

    Google Cloud Recommendations widget

    Use the button at the rightmost end of each recommendation to view the details.

Apply recommendations

To apply a recommendation, stop the instance that is currently running, and then select Apply. You will be able to start the instance for the new machine type once it reloads.

a specific recommendation

DoiT regenerates recommendations within 24 hours after a recommendation was applied. Afterward, rightsizing recommendations are refreshed at regular intervals throughout the day.