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DoiT app for Slack

The DoiT app for Slack automatically unfurls links to the DoiT Console and provides metadata and rich previews for Cloud Analytics reports and budgets, making it easy for anyone in your Slack workspace to glean insights from the links you share without logging in to the DoiT Console itself.


The DoiT app for Slack and the shared Slack channel are two different components. They can be enabled or disabled independently.

Install the app


Only Slack workspace admins can install applications for Slack.

To install the DoiT app for Slack:

  1. Log in to both the DoiT Console and Slack.

  2. In the DoiT Console, select the gear icon () from the top navigation bar, then select Slack in the Account settings section.

    Shows the Slack option in Account Settings.

  3. On the Slack page, select Add to Slack at the bottom of the page.

  4. You'll be prompted that DoiT International is requesting permission to access your Slack workspace. Read the descriptions carefully and select Allow to complete the installation.

Use the app

After one member in your Slack workspace has set up the DoiT app for Slack, all other members will be prompted to connect their DoiT account to Slack the next time they paste a DoiT Platform link.

Once they successfully connect their DoiT account to Slack, any DoiT Platform links they paste in Slack will unfurl if they have the required access permissions to the resource.

For example, any Cloud Analytics report or budget links you send in Slack will unfurl with metadata and, if applicable, a chart preview.

A screenshot of an unfurled link in Slack.


The DoiT app for Slack adheres to DoiT International's overall privacy policy.