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Purchase Google Workspace licenses

If you're on the Annual or Flexible plans and use up all your licenses, you can easily purchase more. We increase your monthly payment to cover the new licenses.


Required Permission: Assets Manager

You must be assigned access to the specific billing profile under which the domain is managed in order to purchase a license.

Within the DoiT Console, select Billing from the top navigation bar and then select Assets.

From the Assets page, select Google Workspace from the left-hand menu:

A screenshot showing the Google Workspace screen

You can see the number of licenses in use next to each Quantity label.

When you have located the subscription you would like to modify, you can add or remove as many licenses as you like, using the -1 and +1 buttons, respectively.

To apply your changes, select the APPLY button in the bottom right-hand corner of the card.

If you are purchasing additional licenses, you will be prompted to approve the purchase before continuing:

A screenshot of the Add Licenses modal dialog with an Approve button

If you remove licenses, you will not have to pay for the licenses available if you aren't planning to use them. The charges will be deducted from your account as reflected in the next month's billing to your organization.


Only FLEXIBLE plans allow you to decrease the number of licenses. For more information, please review the Google documentation.