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Google Workspace licenses auto-increase

Auto-increase for Google Workspace ensures that you always have licenses available as your team scales.

Required Permission
  • Assets Manager

  • You must have access to the billing profile under which the domain is managed.

Enable licenses auto-increase

To enable license auto-increase for Google Workspace subscriptions:

  1. Log in to the DoiT Console, select Billing from the top navigation bar, and then select Assets.

  2. Select Google Workspace from the left-hand menu.

  3. Locate the subscription of interest, select the three dots menu () in the upper-right corner of the card, and then choose Configure Auto-Increase.

    Configure Auto-Increase option

  4. Use the toggle button to enable auto-increase for the selected subscription.

  5. Specify the minimum amount of licenses you want to keep available at all times.

  6. Save your changes.

First-time enablement

If all the licenses have already been assigned when you enable auto-increase for the first time, you must make changes in your license assignment for auto-increase to work properly.

For example, suppose you have a subscription with the license quantity shown as 15/15. You enabled auto-increase and set the minimum amount of available licenses to 1. To trigger the first run of the auto-increase flow, you need to add or remove licenses in the DoiT Console or in your Google Admin console. The DoiT Platform will take over afterward.