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Flexsave invoicing

Sunset Announcement

DoiT no longer offers Flexsave for Google Cloud. Please take a moment to review the Flexsave for Google Cloud Sunset FAQ that we have prepared to address the most common questions you might have.

For DoiT resold customers, Flexsave savings are converted to credits and deducted from monthly invoices.

Invoice line items

On your monthly Google Cloud invoices:

  • The Google Cloud / Project #project_name line items are the cost of each project without Flexsave (see also Additional accounts).

  • The DoiT Flexsave Savings line item always has a negative quantity (Units) -1, which means the corresponding PPU amount is deducted from the total cost.

FS GCP resold Invoice

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If you've set up invoice bucketing, you'll see the line item Flexsave Savings / DoiT Flexsave Savings on the relevant bucket invoices. See Flexsave savings in buckets for examples.

Flexsave billing data

Flexsave savings

In Cloud Analytics reports, the Flexsave Savings line item is found under the Cost Type Flexsave.

You can further break down the savings by Project/Account name, Service, SKU, or other dimensions.

Flexsave GCP resold report

Flexsave CUDs

Flexsave adds 3-year CUDs to your Google Cloud Billing account to cover your workloads and delivers the equivalent savings of 1-year CUDs. When processing Google Cloud billing data, Flexsave adds custom line items to make adjustments for the 3-year to 1-year conversion:

  • Line items without the doitintl-cud-source label (see DoiT system label) are from Google Cloud raw billing data.

  • Line items with the doitintl-cud-source label are added by Flexsave to negate the 3-year CUDs purchased by DoiT and put in the corresponding 1-year CUDs.

  • CUDs purchased by customers are not affected.

In the example below, the line items of the 3-year CUD balance out, which means, the 3-year CUD is purchased by DoiT. If there are customer-purchased CUDs, the value of the line item without the doitintl-cud-source label will be greater than its counterpart with the label.

GCP costs without Flexsave

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