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Set up CloudHealth


CloudHealth is available only to customers in the DoiT shared Amazon Web Services (AWS) organizations under the management accounts (formerly known as Master Payer Account) 561602220360, 017920819041, and 279843869311.

Follow the instructions below to set up CloudHealth for your new or existing AWS account linked to DoiT International consolidated billing.

Sign in to the AWS Management Console

Sign in to the AWS account to be integrated with CloudHealth. You need to use an IAM account that has the permission to create AWS IAM roles and policies.

Create an AWS IAM Policy

  1. Navigate to IAM Policies.

  2. Select Create policy.

  3. Switch to the JSON tab.

  4. Replace the existing content with this JSON policy.

  5. Select Review Policy.

  6. Set the policy name to CloudHealth.

  7. Select Create Policy.

Create an IAM Role

  1. Navigate to IAM Roles.

  2. Select Create Role.

  3. Select AWS Account as the trusted entity type.

  4. Provide 454464851268 as the Account ID.

  5. Select Require external ID and paste 6cda262029ad7b34a64ff537196ab4.

  6. Select Next: Permissions.

  7. Search and select CloudHealth IAM Policy.

  8. Select Next: Tags.

  9. Select Next: Review.

  10. Set Role Name to CloudHealth.

  11. Select Create Role.

See also

Create Users

The first user will be an administrator we create for you. An admin will be able to create more users and administrators in the CloudHealth Interface.

If you need further assistance with the creation of the CloudHealth IAM Role, get in touch with our support team.

Single Sign-On

If you have enabled SSO in CloudHealth, you will not be able to add users with usernames and passwords. You must first add them to the proper role group within the IdPs directory.

See AWS Single Sign-On Service Integration Guide For CloudHealth for more information.