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Create Google Cloud Sandbox accounts

Google Cloud Sandbox for Organizations is the easiest way for companies to set up and manage Google Cloud sandbox accounts. Through the DoiT Console, you'll be able to create a sandbox and monitor budget utilization.


Required Permission: Sandbox User

After a policy has been configured, a user can create sandbox accounts up to the amount which was defined by the Admin in the Sandbox Policy.

Within the DoiT Console, select Governance from the top menu bar, then select Sandbox accounts:

A screenshot of an empty _Sandbox accounts_ screen

To create a new sandbox, select the CREATE SANDBOX button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

A notification will pop up informing you of the policy set by your organization (Sandbox Admin) and the budget amount that applies. Click on 'Create' to proceed.

A screenshot showing the Create Sandbox Project modal dialog

Once created, you will see your new sandbox project on the list.

A screenshot of the _Sandbox accounts_ screen with one sandbox

To use the sandbox, click on the sandbox name. It will open the Google Cloud Console home page and preselect the created Google Cloud project for you.

When and if your sandbox project's budget has surpassed the set threshold, and if the 'End of Budget Action' in the Sandbox Policy is set to 'Disable Billing', your sandbox project will be disconnected from the billing account. When the billing is disabled for a protracted period, some resources might be removed by Google from the projects associated with that account. For example, if you use Google Cloud, your Compute Engine resources might be removed. Removed resources are not recoverable.

If the 'End of Budget Action' in the Sandbox Policy is set to 'Email Alert', an email notification will be sent out informing you of the status.