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Flexsave for Amazon Web Services

DoiT Flexsave enables simplified, automated management of on-demand Amazon Web Services (AWS) compute workloads for cost and agility. Flexsave helps to ensure that on-demand compute workloads can be covered by resource commitments without commitment management or forecasting challenges.

Flexsave delivers the equivalent savings of a 1-year commitment without the commitment! There's no reservation management needed, no costs to enable, and guaranteed savings on all covered workloads.

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Account types

To better understand how your business can benefit from Flexsave, you first need to know your account type.

  • resold account: A resold account is paid by a DoiT reseller payer account. It consists of two sub types:

    • consolidated resold account: Your account is a member of one of the three DoiT consolidated billing accounts (payer account ID 561602220360, 017920819041, or 279843869311).

    • dedicated resold account: Your account is on a DoiT reseller payer account other than the three consolidated accounts listed above.

  • SaaS account: A SaaS account is not paid by DoiT reseller payer account. Your account is of this type if you sign up for Flexsave while your organization is not paying for cloud access via DoiT already.


Flexsave monitors your resource utilization and adjusts the mix of discount mechanisms to maximize your potential savings. Depending on you account type, you get different Flexsave capabilities.

Consolidated resold account

  • Supported regions: all available regions

  • Supported service: Amazon EC2

  • Supported operating systems: Linux, Windows (including Microsoft SQL Server)

Services not listed above are not eligible for Flexsave plans, including AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, Amazon RDS, VMware Cloud on AWS, Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon SageMaker.

Dedicated resold and SaaS account

Services not listed above are not eligible for Flexsave plans, including Amazon RDS, VMware Cloud on AWS, Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon SageMaker.

Instance eligibility

Flexsave discount applies to services that run EC2 on-demand instances.

  • For customers on a consolidated resold account, Flexsave allocates capacity for the current month based on utilization during the last 7 days of the previous month. Instances that run for ~90% during that period will qualify for Flexsave discount.

  • For customers on a dedicated resold or a SaaS account, qualification is instantaneous once the hourly AWS compute spend of the instance reaches $1.5.


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For platform-agnostic information, see Flexsave overview: FAQ.

Are there hidden costs or risks if I use non-supported AWS features?

No. Flexsave is a discounting mechanism and will only result in savings for your eligible on-demand workloads.

What changes should I expect to see in my AWS Console?

For customers on a dedicated resold or a SaaS account, Flexsave will dynamically add or remove AWS accounts to your AWS Organization.

These accounts have names like fs-xxxxx and may contain multiple commitments. Flexsave optimizes your savings by adjusting the specific blend of commitments available to you.


When Flexsave attaches Flexsave plans to your AWS organization, you may see additional savings in the AWS Cost Explorer that do not show in your DoiT Cloud Analytics reports.

Some AWS fees (e.g., AWS Support Plans, taxes, and so on) are proportional to your cloud spend. When we attach Flexsave plans to your AWS organization, we reduce your overall cloud spend, which may also provide the added benefit of lowering other AWS fees.

Since AWS Cost Explorer and DoiT Cloud Analytics behave differently, if your DoiT reports are not configured to account for any lowered AWS fees, you may notice higher savings in the AWS Cost Explorer than in your DoiT reports.

Can I use Flexsave if I am already using commitments from AWS?

Yes, you can. Flexsave works exclusively with your on-demand compute usage and excludes anything already covered by your own commitments.

Can Flexsave provide discounts for on-demand capacity reservations?

AWS on-demand capacity reservations require zonal reserved instances, while Flexsave only supports AWS regional reserved instances. Consequently, Flexsave does not provide discounts for on-demand capacity reservations.

For customers with a dedicated organization, your unused capacity reservations are eligible for Flexsave discounts, similar to how AWS savings plans handle them.

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I have a special pricing plan on my AWS account. Can I still use Flexsave, and will it impact my existing savings?

Flexsave can still work with your account and will provide savings in addition to the discounts from your pricing plan.

How soon after enabling Flexsave should I expect to see the savings?

Customers on a dedicated resold or a SaaS account should expect to see savings within 72 hours.

Customers on a consolidated resold account should expect to see savings in the first week of the subsequent month. Your savings are delayed because we need to wait for AWS to release your billing data at the end of the month. We need your most recent billing data to analyze resource utilization and determine the optimal savings strategy.

Why aren't my savings showing up?

Savings always show with a three-day delay. For example, if today were the 23rd day of the month, your savings would be accurate to the 20th. At the beginning of a new month, the savings will show on the 4th day of the month.

What is the Flexsave Management Costs line item on my invoice?

The Flexsave Management Costs line-item covers the costs of using the AWS Cost Explorer APIs to query your utilization data.

We expect your Flexsave Management Costs to be minimal, with limited variability month-to-month.

Can I use Flexsave with credit sharing disabled?


The following information only applies to:

  • Customers with SaaS accounts
  • Customers with dedicated resold accounts

Unfortunately, no. Flexsave requires you to enable credit sharing in your AWS billing preferences.

Is Flexsave compatible with AWS Service Control Policies (SCPs)?

Yes, it is. However, if you are on a dedicated resold or SaaS account and one of your policies denies the organizations:LeaveOrganization action, you must add a Condition to make an exception for the DoiT management role.

For example:

"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [
"Effect": "Deny",
"Action": ["organizations:LeaveOrganization"],
"Resource": "*",
"Condition": {
"ArnNotEquals": {
"aws:PrincipalArn": "arn:aws:iam::*:role/doitintl-mgmt-role"

The highlighted lines indicate the Condition that you must add to the policy.

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If you have any additional questions about Flexsave for Amazon Web Services, please contact our support team.